Restorations Brewster Massachusetts

Tom Turcketta Inc. Building and Remodeling specializes in historic building restorations throughout Brewster MA and the surrounding areas. Call 508-385-3672 or 508-246-2246.

Historic restoration can be the repair, reproduction, and replacement of historically correct details. It can be a reproduction of and complete replacement of materials compromised by water intrusion resulting from rot, insect infestation, or fire damage. It may also be a restoration of materials with the use of epoxies and compounds. It can mean building an addition to an antique structure or building a structure with architectural details sensitive to the surrounding buildings in a historic district. It can mean the stabilizing of an old structure with modern building techniques. This could include lifting, jacking up to replace sills or straightening a wall.

All this work relies heavily on the understanding of old buildings and period design details as well as the use of hand tools and modern technology. When restoring an antique home you must be able to bring in modern amenities for today's lifestyle and not have them be out of place with their predecessors. Restoration requires an understanding of local building codes, historic district committees, and EPA laws & regulations. Most importantly, when restoring a building everyone must work safely, and of course, have fun!

West Harwich Restoration

West Harwich Restoration After

Greek Style Home

Greek Style After

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