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Looking for home restoration services in Massachusetts? We specialize in building restoration and preservation of old & historic homes on Cape Cod. Call 508-385-3672 or 508-246-2246.

Tom Turcketta Inc. Building and Remodeling has been providing home remodeling and restoration services, custom woodworking and more throughout Brewster, MA, Cape Cod and the surrounding communities for over 35 years. We are fully licensed, insured, and registered. Call today for your free estimate.

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About Tom Turcketta

Tom Turcketta grew up in a family of carpenters, and don’t recall ever seriously wanting to do anything else. I was always getting into trouble for playing with my dad's hand tools and drilling holes in things that he did not want holes in. I like to joke with guys in the trade that I carried more staging and planks for my dad by the time I was 16 years old than they have in their whole career.

I got my first real job at the age of 15 years old Tom Turckettaworking at what was then called the poor farm in Lynn, Ma. As a carpenters helper and laborer. I worked that summer and the following year. At 17 years old I entered the Army and worked as the company carpenter. When I came home I started helping my older brother building additions, and second levels, doing kitchens and fire jobs in Lynnfield Ma. He had a good remodeling business and set an example of what you can do when you put your mind to it. I was drawn to the details and finer aspects of the work and as I mentioned I had a fascination with hand tools.

In 1975 I started attending the North Bennett St. Industrial School in Boston. I took a year of what would be considered today as an advanced course in carpentry and transferred into the cabinet and furniture making course, where I learned how to fine tune my skills. I learned how to sharpen, use and respect my tools. They are an extension of my hands. I learned how to draw my projects out and think them through. While I attended school seven hours a day I worked in my field 40 hours a week after school and weekends for myself.

My ambition was to do historic restoration in my area and to become a master at my craft. I am proud to say that I have achieved both. It is said that success is where your heart is. I have done many large scale restorations and remodeling jobs. Money was never my bottom line. I have always loved and respected my trade and have been blessed to do so many quality projects and service the people I have worked for.

My business was built on a willingness to work, a desire to produce a high quality of work and follow a project through till it is done. I like to tell new clients that they will not need to give me a punch list at the end of the job that everything will be completed. My client base was built on repeat customer service.

In 1997 my wife Ellen and I decided we really wanted to live on Cape Cod. So we purchased a house here that is now our home. We have been working and living here since then. My business has done well. Today I am a well-rounded tradesman; some of my clients say that I can do anything when it comes to an antique or old house. See for yourself. I have done many interesting and challenging projects, and look forward to many more.

Your home is where you live, love, and take comfort. Take comfort in the fact that if you hire me for your project you will get what you pay for and hopefully more. I am a dedicated craftsman, with many years of quality experience in all areas of my field. I use only the professional sub-contractors from other trades. We will treat you and your property with respect, try to satisfy your needs, pay attention to all the details and make your dreams a reality. We are trustworthy, reliable, organized and clean.

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I look forward to working with you,

Tom Turcketta

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